Our supportive programs

The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation (CSDF) recognizes the need to provide not only emotional support, but also financial assistance to families affected by skin disease. Through generous gifts and contributions, we are able to shoulder some of the financial burdens that strike these families.


Camp Wonder

Our flagship program, Camp Wonder is a place for children with skin diseases to feel like a kid again by being in an environment of acceptance and support. Too often, these kids have their childhood stolen from them buried beneath clothes to hide their skin. We give them a place to shed those layers, to be seen without any judgment and be accepted for their differences. To throw away the long shirts, hooded sweatshirts and pants and let them experience a childhood without limits. 

At Camp Wonder, the tenacious spirit of our campers comes out and they are able to experience summer like it was meant to be - with fun, laughter and games. Camp Wonder provides children with skin disease lasting memories, friendships and the opportunity to participate in activities that they would not otherwise have the chance to experience. Their experiences at camp empower them to be themselves and follow their dreams. Give a gift to help send a kid to camp today.


Education programs


CSDF wants to empower children with skin disease to believe that they can grow up to be anything they want and not feel defined by their illness. Some of these children will not have the same opportunities as others, and this includes attending college – either because they aren't able to afford it or because their illness prevents them from qualifying for financial aid.

We want children with skin disease to believe that they can grow up to be anything they want, as well as give them the support to explore those life milestones. CSDF established the Catherine and Samantha Smith Memorial Scholarship, named in memory of a Camp Wonder campers, and the Randy Bupp Memorial Scholarship, named in memory of the campfire musician, to further support children with skin disease. Give a gift to help with college tuition costs today.


Skin Health and Sun Protection Education: "Duck and Cover"

CSDF is committed to increasing skin care and sun protection education.  Specifically, we support physicians who go into their community to educate children about sun protection.  Dexter, our duck mascot, wants to help teach children the importance of using a hat and sunscreen while enjoying the outdoors.

In October 2013, Dr. Paul Tumeh, UCLA dermatologist, attended a school assembly to present the importance of healthy living to Nora Sterry Elementary's 300 students. Specifically, he talked about how to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while implementing preventive measures that can significantly reduce the risk of developing sun-associated skin cancer. Presentations were interactive and formatted to encourage children's curiosity. The children were asked to draw a picture of what they learned about sun protection.  Cetaphil generously donated samples of sunscreen for all the students and sunscreen gift baskets to the 5 winners of the artwork contest.  The next poject for Nora Sterry Elementary is to buy shade for their play structures and lunch tables to protect the students from the year-round sun in Los Angeles.  CSDF is helping raise funds for this project.  Thank you Dr. Tumeh, Cetaphil and Nora Sterry Elementary School for your commitment to promoting sun protection!


Lance Chapman, a UCLA medical student and MBA candidate also went into his community to promote sun protection and skin awareness.  He partnered with UCLA's Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Institute to educate inner-city teens on sun protection.  CSDF and Cetaphil partnered with Lance and UCLA to provide sunscreen for his program.  Dr. Chapman is now a resident at UCI in dermatology.  Thank you Dr. Chapman, UCLA, and Cetpahil for your commitment to promoting sun protection.

If you are interested in presenting a program like Dr. Tumeh or Dr. Chapman, please email ftenconi@csdf.org for ways in which CSDF can help! We will provide teaching materials and sunscreen samples.  And, Dexter will come to the class room to help you teach the children!


Wish fulfillment programs

Children with skin disease often lead a life full of pain, isolation and embarrassment. To help lessen their daily struggles, CSDF has set up a wish fulfillment program. Some of these families have never taken a vacation, and the only time they get to leave their homes is when traveling to specialists or hospitals for treatment. We wanted to give these brave kids something else to look forward to with this program. Give a gift to help fulfill a wish today.


Francesca Tenconi presenting awards to the winners of Dr. Tumeh's education program at Nora Elementary School.

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The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about skin diseases while creating a support network for children and their families.
Camp Wonder
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