• After being diagnosed with a rare skin disease at 11 years old, Francesca Tenconi felt there was a lack of support for children with skin disease and their families. Francesca felt an organization was necessary to focus on the unique problems of children and teenagers who suffer from skin disease. For her Sweet Sixteen, she asked for donations instead of presents. These donations created the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation (CSDF) and helped establish Camp Wonder.

  • Our mission is to improve the quality of life of children with skin disease by creating a strong support network and increasing education and awareness about these severe, life-threatening conditions. We are also dedicated to raising money to fund medical research to improve treatment of and find cures for skin diseases that afflict children.

    CSDF relies primarily on volunteer staff and board to ensure that the donations received go toward improving the lives of children with skin disease and their families. Over 94% of our funds go directly toward programs like Camp Wonder, scholarships and research.

  • Camp Wonder is a medically staffed summer camp for children with chronic and life-threatening skin disease. CSDF sponsors the only medically staffed camp in the western United States. Our camp is free to all campers – an important benefit for the families of children living with skin disease who often struggle with large medical bills.

  • Camp Wonder takes place at Camp Arroyo in Livermore, Calif., 33 miles southeast of Oakland Airport.

  • CSDF conducts fundraising events and receives donations from foundations, pharmaceutical companies, skin care companies, and individuals to fund Camp Wonder.

  • Send a child to Camp Wonder

  • Donate your frequent flyer miles to Children’s Skin Disease Foundation so campers have transportation to Camp Wonder

  • Donate your car

  • Donate goods or services for Camp Wonder or for our fundraising events

  • Make a tax-deductible monetary donation (especially if your company will match your gift)

  • Make a corporate or foundation grant

  • Delegate CSDF to receive your United Way contribution

  • Recommend Camp Wonder as your company's focus for the year

  • Make CSDF or Camp Wonder a business, organization or school project

  • Hold a fundraiser at your home, school, company or civic organization

  • Volunteer

  • Assist with fundraising events or distribute event information

  • Encourage a company to support Camp Wonder and CSDF

  • Give through a bequest in your will

  • Honor a loved one with a memorial gift

  • While CSDF benefits children with skin disease and their families in many ways, others also benefit from its activities. Doctors and nurses gain knowledge, skills and clinical experience from working at Camp Wonder, as well as participating in other activities.

    Teenagers and volunteers receive many lasting rewards and eye-opening experiences from their contact with these special children.

  • Your contributions to CSDF are tax-deductible. We accept direct donations or contributions for our fundraising events.

    We appreciate every contribution, whether it’s monetary, supplies or in-kind donations. Every little bit helps. Volunteering is another important way to contribute.

  • We work with medical academies and societies, as well as other skin disease organizations, to coordinate research efforts and raise public awareness about the need for and benefits of skin disease research.

    We meet with the Departments of Dermatology at several major universities to discuss the special medical needs of children with skin diseases and to explore ways to meet these needs.

    Our CSDF representatives have testified before the California legislature on topics important to children with serious skin diseases to highlight patient care and health insurance issues. We also keep elected state and federal representatives informed of issues important to children with skin diseases and their families.

  • Serious diseases of the skin affect thousands of American children each year. These diseases cause discomfort, pain, disfigurement, disability, dependency and even death. They affect not only the children, but also their entire families.

    Many skin diseases are caused by a breakdown of the autoimmune system or mechanisms shared with other diseases. In the fight against autoimmune diseases like AIDS and lupus, skin disease research offers a unique opportunity to observe the cellular progression of the mechanisms of disease without invading or damaging the body.

About CSDF
The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about skin diseases while creating a support network for children and their families.
Camp Wonder
Discover the summer camp experience that changes children’s lives and gives them a childhood without limits.