Privacy Policy

CSDF collects and uses the personal information of children and their parents only to assure safety at Camp Wonder. CSDF does not sell, rent or lease any information to third parties. Collected personal information will not be used to solicit or offer any commercial item or object for purchase by any minor with or without consent of their parent or guardian and will not be used to collect any credit card, debit card or other financial information.

CSDF and its employees may, from time to time, contact you for comment, feedback, or information about a child’s experience at Camp Wonder. To attend Camp Wonder, separate releases and waivers are required which waivers and releases may conflict with this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to, photo, document, and art releases. Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit or modify such other separate releases and waivers.

Medical information and your and your child’s personally identifiable information is available to the medical staff, counselors and administrative staff at Camp Wonder for purposes of medical treatment, care, analysis and training purposes and to assure proper medical, physical and environmental care and the safety of children attending Camp Wonder. All medical staff, volunteers and counselors are prohibited from using your or your child’s personal information except to provide these services and tasks related to Camp Wonder.

About CSDF
The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about skin diseases while creating a support network for children and their families.
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