Ongoing needs

Your generous donations for any of our ongoing needs are greatly appreciated! Please contact us if you are interested in fulfilling one of our ongoing needs.  Thank you!


Ongoing needs for Camp Wonder

   Art supplies


   Gift certificates to Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot

   Prizes for campers during theme events like Carnival or Casino Night

   Baseball and basketball supplies

   Pool toys

   Air miles to fly kids to camp

    Prom Clothing (

•  Bandages and other medical supplies

   Oxygen tanks

   Digital cameras, photo printers and photo paper

   Cooling neck wraps

   Beach towels

   Golf cart rentals for the week of camp


Ongoing needs for families 

Families caring for a child with skin disease are shouldered with high financial costs for medical supplies. We like to help with that burden as much we can and accept in-kind donations that we then distribute. We also have scholarship and wish fulfillment programs for children with skin disease.


   Laptop computers

   Gift certificates to Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Tilly’s, Justice, Gap, Macy’s, Safeway, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and the Apple Store

   Bare Essentials Mineral Makeup

   Wii consoles

   Play Station Portables and games for the PSP

   Mattresses (double and twin), sheets and pillows



   School backpacks and school supplies

   Digital cameras


   Hot tubs (which help with bandage changes)


 Ongoing needs for CSDF 

   Gift certificates to Office Max or Staples

   Public relations services

• Miles to send children and families on vacations 









About CSDF
The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation is dedicated to educating the public about skin diseases while creating a support network for children and their families.
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