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Community Partners

CSDF is a community dedicate to the support of a child, and their family, with any skin disease. We are here to provide impactful, meaningful and empowering experiences to our kids to improve their lives. We are thankful to our community partners who support our mission by providing outreach and/or medical support for our kids and programs.

Research and Advoacy Partners

CSDF is an umbrella organization that serves families impacted by any skin disease. As such, we do not invest in research in or advocacy for any specific skin disease. We leave that to the experts in each disease and are proud to work alongside them!


(Foundation for Ichthyosis Related Skin Types)

Their mission is to seek cures for those affected by ichthyosis and related skin types and support their community with research grants, educational materials, and special patient-centric meetings and conferences.  Since 2002, CSDF has been a proud partner of F.I.R.S.T. We enjoy attending their conferences and welcoming their families to Camp Wonder.


(Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance)

Their mission is to address the devastating burden of pediatric skin diseases, and overcome challenges facing clinician scientists in the field, by creating an infrastructure for efficient, collaborative research. Since 2019, CSDF has been proud to partner with PeDRA by connecting with their parent-advocates to increase awareness about Camp Wonder and to attend their annual conference, where we offer a mini-Camp Wonder for their pediatric attendees.


(National Foundation For Ectodermal Dysplasia)

Their mission is to empower and connect people touched by ectodermal dysplasias through education, support and research as the worldwide expert on ectodermal dysplasias and the only advocacy organization in the United States dedicated to those living with these disorders. Since 2018, CSDF has been a proud partner of NFED, welcoming their families to Camp Wonder each summer.

debra of America

(Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America)

Their mission is to improve the quality of life of all those impacted by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) in the United States by providing free programs and services and funding the most innovative research directed at symptom relief and a systemic cure. "Because the cost of doing nothing is too great" is an axiom that defines their mission and directs all of debra of America's actions as an organization.


Hospital Partners

UCLA Division of Dermatology

Since 2000, UCLA Division of dermatology has been a preferred residency partner to provide medical care at Camp Wonder. Our medical director, Dr. Jenny Kim is a co-founder of Camp Wonder.


USC Dermatology

Since 2003, USC Dermatology has been a preferred residency partner to provide medical care at Camp Wonder. Our medical director, Dr. Stefani Takahashi, is a co-founder of Camp Wonder.


Navy Medical Dermatology

Since 2017, Navy Medical of San Diego has been a residency partner to provide medical care at Camp Wonder.


USCF/Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland Pediatrics

Since 2016, UCSF/Benioff has been a residency partner to provide medical care at Camp Wonder and refer patients to be campers.


UCSF Dermatology

Since 2010, UCSF Dermatology has allowed their nurses to volunteer at Camp Wonder to provide medical care for our beloved campers.

Stanford Department of Pediatric Dermatology

Since 2000, Stanford has referred patients to attend Camp Wonder from their dermatology clinic, specifically their Epidermolysis Bullosa research program.

Education Partners

Masters of Pediatric Dermatology

Gain a comprehensive review of the latest in pediatric dermatology with topics such as caring for skin of color, wound healing, COVID lesions, pediatric therapeutics, and more. Developed by industry experts and academic educators, the Masters of Pediatric Dermatology Symposium provides in-depth education on the latest treatment approaches, protocols, procedures, and tools in pediatric dermatology. Access the enduring program today and gain the knowledge needed to effectively support children with dermatologic conditions, and ultimately provide better, more personalized care to pediatric patients.

Abeona Therapeutics

As of 2021, Abeona Therapeutics has become a community partner of CSDF. Abeona is a cell & gene therapy company, whose lead program EB-101 is a potential treatment for large chronic Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa wounds. Information about Camp Wonder will be shared across their social media platforms in order to ensure EB families are aware of this unique and exciting program.

Baobabooks Education Sàrl

Baobabooks Education is a Geneva, Switzerland-based social impact company focused on partnering with parents and educators to support student creativity. Through the company’s online platform, educators can task students individually or in groups to write, illustrate and publish their own books while parents can empower their children to create books using the fun and intuitive website. 

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