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Wonder Duck


Wonder Duck is our official Camp Wonder mascot when a camper said, 'I wish I was a duck so no one could see my skin.' Wonder Duck embodies the mission of Camp Wonder, where we don't see skin, we see character. Proceeds from the sale of Wonder Duck go to support Camp Wonder! Wonder Duck comes in several colors and patterns and includes an adoption tag to name and personalize your new plush pal with a purpose! Proceeds from the sale of Wonder Duck go to Camp Wonder.

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How it started


In 2005, Amy Delmege, a camp-mom, wanted to give each camper something to take home that would remind them of their Camp Wonder family and support! She and her son, Marky, began making Wonder Ducks for each camper! Wonder Duck served as a plush pal to comfort our campers during difficult times, bring a smile to their faces and a pal to snuggle with. Soon, many people wanted Wonder Duck as their new friend! Each campers still receives a Wonder Duck when they attend Camp Wonder!

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Support Wonder Duck

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THE MORE DUCKS YOU SELL, THE MORE KIDS YOU HELP! By becoming a Wonder Duck retailer, you are helping to give children with skin disease an experience they would never otherwise have and supporting deserving families in need.  Additionally, you are helping to increase awareness of skin disease, which is very important to help educate people that skin disease is not contagious and make it easier for children with skin disease to go out in public. To learn more, email us!

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