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Our mission has always been to improve the lives of children with skin disease and their families.  One way we accomplish this goal is to grant wishes to Camp Wonder families.  Wonder Wish was founded in 2017 to bridge the time between camp each summer by giving our campers and their families wonderful experiences.  Our Camp Wonder families are the strongest and most resilient people we know. We want to reward them for their courage and positivity in the face of such adversity!

Thank you to Todd Zavodnick and William Yarborough for your donations to establish Wonder Wish!


If you would like to donate to Wonder Wish to improve the lives of children and families impacted by skin disease, please click on the "DONATE HERE" button above and write "Wonder Wish" under "special instructions".  If you have any questions, please contact us!


Who is eligible?
Anyone who has attended Camp Wonder as a camper starting in 2001!  You are limited to one wish per camper.
What can I wish for?
We are looking to grant meaningful wishes! We truly want to improve the lives of our campers.  Your wish can be an item, a trip, a special occasion...It's all about you!
How to apply

If you or your child has attended Camp Wonder over the past 17 years, you are eligible to apply to Wonder Wish.  Please fill out the application here.  We review wishes quarterly.  We will contact you after we have received your application.



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