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Camp Wonder Celebrates 20 Years

Camp Wonder, a camp that supports kids with skin disease and is sponsored by Galderma, is celebrating their 20th year of operations this week.

Camp Wonder, a free camp that supports kids and young adults diagnosed and impacted by skin disease, is celebrating their 20th year celebrations this year.1 The camp was founded in 2000 by the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation (CSDF) and aims to provide a safe haven for kids who may feel ostracized in their everyday life by empowering them.

In 2020, the camp was closed due to COVID-19 and held virtually online instead. So, this year the 20th anniversary celebrations will be July 25-30. Galderma has been a major sponsor of this camp for about 10 years and beyond donating funds, they also provide each camper with a year’s supply of Cetaphil (Galderma) products for their skin needs.

There are rules for attending the in-person camp, located in Walnut Creek, California:2

  1. Attendees 16 years or older must be fully vaccinated by July 1st.

  2. Every attendee will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before the first day of camp (July 25).

  3. Every attendee will be tested for COVID_19 at check-in and mid-way through the camping experience.

  4. Masks will be required, and the camp will provide masks.

  5. All of the pre-existing medical requirements will still be applicable (up to date on other vaccines, current TB test, no skin infection).

  6. There are no visitors allowed at the camp.

  7. All local and federal public health guidelines will be followed.

To donate or learn more about the cause visit their website:


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