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Wonder Run


Join us for the 9th Annual Wonder Run! Date TBD.

Thank you to the amazing, generous volunteers who help organize and support this fun day! Thank you to Shannon Iwaniuk, Allison Fischer, Jason Eagar, Lily Stern, Lane Kuntz, Andrea Aria, June Risser, Felicia Wakefield, Brooke Greenwood, and Courtney Guin.

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What is Wonder Run:

The Wonder Run 5K Run/Walk is an annual charity event founded and sponsored by Galderma, makers of Cetaphil. Now entering its 6th year, the Wonder Run benefits the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation and Camp Wonder.


Where is Wonder Run:

EVERYWHERE! While life is getting back to in-person after the pandemic, we enjoyed the wide-reach of a virtual run. In 2021, we are getting the best of both worlds! Our run will be virtual, with encouragement to form teams in your location and meeting in-person.

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Why you should support Wonder Run:

Camp Wonder gives children with skin disease the chance to be normal; escape stares, questions and bullying; and experience a childhood without limits! Many families with children affected by skin disease face heavy socioeconomic hardships, making the cost of camp something they could never afford. The only way we can continue to provide help to these families and improve the quality of lives of these children is through fundraising efforts, like Wonder Run!


Who makes Wonder Run possible:

Galderma, maker of Cetaphil®, covers the operating costs of the event, which means that 100% of the registration fees and any incremental donations directly to the CSDF and Camp Wonder!! Thank you to Galderma for your continued compassion for and support of our cause to improve the lives of children with skin disease.

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